At Magic City Pet Care we understand pets come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds – all pets are equally deserving of love and quality care. That is why Magic City Pet Care is dedicated not only to providing your pets with top-notch care, but we are also dedicated to improving the lives of pets without a home. A portion of all sales and services will be donated to local rescue groups, particularly for the purpose of pulling animals off the “kill” list at local shelters.

Shelter animals are at the mercy of their circumstances and they do not have the power to fight for themselves. That is why we at Magic City Pet Care are committed to taking up the fight for them – we work to ensure that even the most unfortunate pets have a fighting chance at finding a good home. The money we set aside will be used to pay the shelter’s “pull fee” for animals on the kill list and we will send along an extra $50 to cover the pet’s food expenses while he continues on his journey toward a better life with a new forever family.

We are always looking for new opportunities to give back to pets in need so keep checking this page for an updated list of the pets YOU help rescue by choosing Magic City Pet Care as your pet sitting service provider. You are the ones who make it possible for us to give these incredible animals a chance at a life of love and we cannot thank you enough!