Magic City Pet Care is owned and operated by Brittny Rene. Brittny has been a lifelong lover of pets and supporter of animal rescue groups – she is also the moderator for several pet-based Instagram accounts including @DogsofBham and @LostPetsofBham. She is also a photography  @MyWildUnknown. A five-minute conversation with Brittny is all it takes to get a strong sense of understanding for her love of animals. In fact, you don’t even have to talk to her at all to understand – just take a peek at one of her social media accounts!

Brittny obtained a degree in Audio Visual Communications and Studio Art at the University of Alabama and she still operates a professional photography business – Brittny Rene Photo and Video. Brittny even took all the photos on Magic City Pet Cares Website! Brittny worked in sales for a number of years but realized that her passion for animals greatly outweighed anything she felt for the work she was currently doing. Somewhere along the way, Brittny decided to turn her love for animals into a career and thus, Magic City Pet Care was born.

To learn more about Brittny and her furry friends, follow her on Instagram under the name @MiracleZoo.