Dear pet sitter or dog walker,

Thank you for your interest in working with Magic City Pet Care.

After looking over the information you have received, please mail this packet back to us. We will then contact you for an interview if you seem like a viable candidate for the job(s) we have available.

1. Read the job description detailing the position you are interested in, sign it at the bottom and complete the enclosed application(s).

 2. If you are applying for the overnight sitting position, please include at least  two names and numbers of pet owners who have had you care for their pets overnight (not crucial for daily pet visiting/walking positions but mandatory for those interested in overnight sits). Thanks!

Mail your resume and cover letter to us within 4 days of applying. You will not be considered for the position if we do not have your resume and cover letter via mail.

Send resume and cover letter to: 

Magic City Pet Care - P.O. Box 36442 - Birmingham, Alabama 35236

Application Links Below: 

Application for Midday Dog Walker

Application for Almost Overnight Pet Sitter